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The 4 rules to make a better shot.

Photography becomes very quickly a devouring passion as soon as one starts to use regularly his photographic equipment. We trigger, we visualize, we start again, we quickly ask lots of questions. And faced with a result not always satisfying, we are disappointed. Or we question his equipment. You have just purchased a camera and many settings escape you. Your first photos are not quite cheering. You're doing pretty much but you'd like to make better pictures? If you are a beginner in photography and you have arrived on this page, no problem, you are in the right place! You will find here a set of clear and precise resources to get started in photography: photography for dummies!

Here are some tips to see if you're new to digital photography. They should help you avoid the most common mistakes and move faster.

4 digital photography tips for beginners:

1. Use the Rule of Thirds:

If you wanna take an eye-catching photo with a wow-effect, this tip is for you! The Rule of Thirds is the golden key in the composition world you need to take advantage of! To understand the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two of them are vertical and the other two are horizontal. The four lines cross each other in some points. placing the subject off-center at one of the intersecting points of the lines will help people to identify it as the main subject of your composition, and it will give more esthetics to your photo.

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2. Avoid Camera Shake:

As a photographer, you should be aware of the use of the camera, in some cases shaking the camera may make your photos blurry. First of all, you should learn how to hold the camera properly. To do so, you need to use both of your hands, one is around the body of the camera, the other one is around the lens. One more tip, make the camera closer to your body to support. For a handheld shot, make sure to use a shutter speed that is appropriate for your lens’s focal length.

3. Use Simple Backgrounds:

Before taking a photo make it as simple as possible; a simple approach is the best! In other words, use a plain background, neutral colors, and simple patterns. This tip is vital when you are shooting a model.

4. Choose the Right ISO:

Make sure to use the lowest ISO possible with the light you have. This tip will help you in the postproduction process.

to sum up!

Because photography can not be reduced to a single list of rules and principles, that creativity is a very subjective notion, that everyone sees things differently, here is the final word: give yourself pleasure. Be happy to use your equipment. Have fun. Do not listen to the grumpy people who tell you that all your photos are bad, you usually never see them. And enjoy, you made the right choice by choosing photography as passion.
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