Interior photography tips

As a professional photographer for interior design magazines and books, I've discovered a few tips that really make the difference to make successful photographs of your interior, or your interior design project. These are small things like using a foot, taking care to be parallel to the ground when taking your picture or to avoid wide angle lenses.

Little tips that will help you get as close as possible to the practices used daily by many professional photographers.

1.Open the blinds and turn on the lights

To further enhance the feeling of grandeur, Pixels In The House recommends that you let in as much natural light as possible. In addition, by switching on lamps and lights, even in the middle of the day, you will get a much warmer and more welcoming image. It may seem counterintuitive to turn on the lights during the day, but it is important to balance the external brightness with the indoor lighting especially when the sun is shining brightly. This balance greatly increases the impression of space in a living room. Size, clarity and usability are all decisive factors in the field of real estate. Even if the images will not sell a house by themselves, they must easily convey to the reader all the assets of a space. As a result, it is highly recommended to light up the photos that you associate with your ads.

2.Use a tripod

Whatever device you use, a tripod will allow you to stabilize the image and better organize your compositions. Take a test photo with your digital camera to prepare the final photo. First, choose your angle of view, paying careful attention to what you want to see in the frame, and how to incorporate it by changing the lens or moving the camera. The use of a foot is a real plus for this step. Finally, make the final adjustments by moving and staging the furniture and objects in the room, in order to highlight them in the photograph.

3.Tidying up the house

An arranged house is a welcoming home. Tell the owners of your photo session so that the house is clean and tidy when you arrive. For a real estate ad as for a photo of interior decoration, the strict minimum of everyday objects is preferable. Otherwise, the overloaded parts become less pleasant to live and also lose in impression of space. A potential buyer can not imagine it and will be unimpressed by your work. Make a clean space: put the dishes back in the cupboards, put the clothes in the cupboards, hide the cosmetics in the bathrooms. All this greatly improves the look of your photos and highlights the quality of the work you do. attention to the background

Pay attention to your background. If you photograph a person or you want to focus on an specific object try to make sure the background is neutral so that the subject comes out well. Indeed if there are plenty of objects or other people in the background, the photo will work much less well. Here again, ideally, one must move around one's subject.


To conclude, the interior photography is quite demanding at the level of the technical mastery but also the material. So whatever your level is in the photo do not be too disappointed or too demanding with yourself if you miss your photos indoors. Consider the advice I gave you, pay close attention to your shooting speed, and be in touch with your subject and windows. Hold your camera and focus on static scenes and it should be better. Here I hope to have helped you, to have reminded you some fundamental principles to have a better interior photography shots.
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